Date: Saturday, November 4th
Investment: $150
Location: EJ Abreu Supermarket & Deli
621-625 Brace Ave. Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
Parking: Free (Parking lot or Street Parking)
Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm
Availability: 10 Photographers

Light Breakfast will be provided

Please feel free message me or contact me with any questions!

Payment Option 1: Pay in full. Save $20 with no processing fees.

Full Payment

Payment Option 2: Pay 50% deposit to reserve your seat. The final payment is due one week before the event. A $20 processing fee is included in Final Payment.

Final Payment

Payment Option 3:  Personalized flexible option, non-refundable four payments. The final payment is due one week before the event. A $5 processing fee is included in each payment.

Payment Plan

If you are beginning photography and want to learn how to use your camera and understand the various functions, then this workshop is for you.

During this 3-hour workshop, we will spend the first half of the workshop learning about your camera, and the second half we will be taking photos, practicing what you learned.

If you have purchased a new camera and are slightly intimidated by all the controls, buttons and functions, then beginning lessons will help you get started using your camera.

We will start at the front of your camera and work toward the controls and menu settings.

You'll learn how to read your lens and what those numbers really mean, then we'll move on to the control dial and to the menu functions.

  • How To Read Your Lens and Understand What The Numbers Really Mean;
  • Lens Focal Lengths
  • Aperture or F-Stop Functions
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO Settings
  • "The Exposure Triangle".
  • White Ballance
  • Basic Menu Settings.
  • How to use your camera Shutter-Speed Mode, Aperture-Priority Mode, and Program Mode.
  • Basic camera care, what filters to use on your lens to protect the lens and keep away dust and dirt, and how to best clean your lens.
  • Image file sizes, formatting your memory card, and other menu functions will be discussed. 

Please bring your camera, any lenses you have, and a memory card that can be erased.


After each session you will feel comfortable taking photos with your camera and have an understanding of its controls and functions.

And you'll have more fun taking photos!

A minimum of 6 students is required to hold the class.

Registration is required to reserve your space.

Due to limited class size, walk-ins can not be accommodated.



It's your chance to ask Amauris anything about photography, life or business.

One On One Identity & Portfolio Critiques

The workshop will close with a one-on-one critiques and identity review over the images taken.